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Holiday Lighting: The Basics of Holiday Home Fire Prevention

The holidays are a time for family, food, fun, and festive lights. Holiday lighting can create wonderful memories for your family, and can give any ordinary home extraordinary street appeal, if done... Read More »

Top Reviews for Tactical Restoration from BBB - Phoenix AZ

"I would like to thank Lucas and his crew for doing a great job getting my house put back together. Having a major flood in one of my bathrooms was something you don't expect to come home... Read More »

Custom Cabinets Vs. Manufactured or Store Bought - Chandler AZ

Looking to update your kitchen? Cabinets are a great way to spruce up your kitchen and give it a new feel. It can be difficult deciding Speed: Custom Cabinets can take anywhere from 6 to 8... Read More »

Things to Know About Demolition - Mesa, AZ

Whatever demolition may be coming your way, it's good to be prepared. Whether you are doing it yourself, or having a professional demo your home, these are the things to know. If doing it... Read More »

Different Kinds of Contractors - Chandler, AZ

Have you ever wondered how many different kinds of contractors there are? Well here is a list to find out Understanding what kinds of contractors there are will help you find the right fit for... Read More »

DIY Stucco Repair or General Contractor? - Glendale, AZ

Repairing stucco can be a difficult task if the project is too big or if your experience is limited. Choosing between hiring a general contractor and doing it yourself may be difficult to decide.... Read More »

Wood Fence VS Chain Link Fence - Mesa, AZ

When building or renovating your home, the last thing on your mind is the fence. But, if you’re considering upgrading your landscaping, it may be time to upgrade your fencing as well. There... Read More »

Signs of Carpet Mold - Phoenix AZ

Mold can grow fast in damp places. Regularly inspecting your home for mold is a great way to detect and prevent. Here are a few of the signs to look for.   The smell is described... Read More »

What is Asbestos? - Tempe, AZ

Asbestos materials are fine fibers that are fire resistant. These minerals are odorless and tasteless, but had once been used in building materials and fireproof gear. Because of this, it can be... Read More »

Concrete Vs Asphalt Driveway - Scottsdale, AZ

Concrete and Asphalt driveways are both common. Although they may not seem too different, there are some things to be aware of.   1) Concrete costs more out of the two. Concrete ranges... Read More »

Rough Carpentry VS Finish Carpentry - Globe AZ

Rough Carpentry is also called Framing Carpentry. Framing is the main focus in rough carpentry. They build wooden structures, following blueprints and sketches to do so. Finish Carpentry... Read More »

Knowing When to Replace a Water Heater - Chandler, AZ

Are you having trouble knowing when to replace your water heater? Try following these simple steps to see if yours is in need of replacement.  1. How old is your water heater? Usually... Read More »

Abatement, Remediation, and Mitigation - Phoenix AZ

Sometimes when disaster occurs or problems arise in your home, it’s hard to know what all the terms being thrown around by contractors are. Some mistakenly use words synonymously when they... Read More »

Gazing and It's Different Types - Tempe AZ

What is Glazing? Glazing is the term used when describing installing windows.   What are the different Types of Glazing? Single Glazing -Single-Glazed, Clear Glass: Compared to... Read More »

Save Energy - Tactical Restoration - Phoenix AZ

Ways to Save Energy at Home Looking to save energy and cut down on those electric bills? Try following these simple tips. - Heating and Cooling:      Have an AC Tune-up... Read More »

Understanding Insulation During Remodel - Mesa, AZ

Insulation protects your home by helping keep it warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer. It helps lock in the temperature of your home, so your energy bills can stay down. There, of course,... Read More »

Tactical Restoration - Fast, Dependable, and Excellent Customer Service - Scottsdale AZ

Tactical Restoration is a full service emergency and building contractor. Our team is highly trained to ensure you receive prompt, professional, stress free management of all your reconstruction... Read More »

Replacing Appliances After Flooding - East Valley - AZ

When water damage occurs, it’s hard to know what should be done with appliances. They can be costly to replace, but very dangerous to use if damaged. Flood water can affect washers and dryers,... Read More »

What Is a Slab Leak and How Do I Detect One? - San Tan Valley, AZ

A Slab leak is a leak in a water line that runs below the concrete of a home. They are not as easily detected as other leaks that occur above the floor. However difficult, there are some signs to... Read More »

Difference Between Mitigation and Restoration - Phoenix AZ

When damage occurs in your home, it’s important to know when mitigation should occur, and when restoration occurs. Here you can learn more about the difference between the two.... Read More »

Signs of Water Damage in Bathroom - Paradise Valley, AZ

A Bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a house. It’s constantly wet, with water running either in the sink, toilet, or shower. Because of this, it’s easy to miss any water leaks and... Read More »

Finding a Quality, Professional General Contractor - Mesa AZ

Re you having trouble finding a professional contractor that is high in quality, efficient in their work, and friendly to work with? Check out Tactical Restoration! They have excellent customer... Read More »

What to Do When You Find a Roof Leak

Run and get the buckets! It’s monsoon season in Arizona, and with every new rainy season comes new leaks in your roof. After finding an active roof leak, follow these simple steps to minimize... Read More »

Most Common Causes for House Fires - Chandler, AZ

During the drier seasons of the year, house fires are more common. Follow these tips to avoid a house fire:   Candles     -Blow out candles before leaving a room... Read More »

Choosing the Best and Most Reliable General Contractor to Hire - Phoenix Arizona

Are you having trouble choosing the best and most reliable contractor? Try following these steps: Call Tactical Restoration! They are the best and most reliable contractor in the valley. Read... Read More »

Tactical Restoration is a BBB Accredited Business - Great General Contractor - Tempe AZ

“I recently had Tactical Restoration perform a restoration to my master shower and closet due to a slow water leak. They are wonderful in terms of customer service. The quality of the work was... Read More »

Filing a Roof Repair Claim to get a Good Estimate - Cavecreek, AZ

Dealing with roof damage or a replacement can be troubling for many people. Roof’s are an important part of a house. Fixing problems with your roof will help you avoid further damage later.... Read More »

Dry Out After Water Damage - Casa Grande AZ

  Water can cause a lot of damage. Acting quickly will save you money in the long run, as well as avoid mold and rust!   Disconnect power, unplug electronics and... Read More »

Preventing Hail Damage to Your Home - Phoenix AZ

Hail is formed during storms, when updrafts carry water vapor up and then it freezes. The frozen water is suspended by the updrafts, then is coated with more water as it falls. It then falls to the... Read More »

5 Common Causes of Electrical Fires - Tempe AZ

5 Most common causes of electrical fires: Faulty electrical outlets and old appliances. Worn and frayed cords are a hazard, especially when near flammable materials or ran under rugs or... Read More »

When Should You Replace Your Carpet?

A carpet’s life is dependent on the quality, padding, and usage. There’s no way to actually tell the toll that your climate, family, and environment will play on your carpet. But these... Read More »

How to File a Homeowner's Insurance Claim - Paradise Valley, AZ

First, report any crime to the police. It is important to get a police report as well as all of the names of the law enforcement officers that you have spoken with. If there are any witnesses to a... Read More »

When Should You Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets? - Casa Grande AZ

It’s not common for cabinets to need replacement. Most appliances in a kitchen will have been replaced multiple times before cabinets are even considered. They can last up to 50 years. That... Read More »

Stop Roof Damage from Trees - Glendale AZ

Soon, the monsoon season will be upon us, which is sure to bring fallen down trees. Fallen branches and trees cause damage to structures, roofs, siding, windows, and cars.   It is... Read More »

Why Hire a General Contractor? - Scottsdale AZ

  Think of it this way: When your daughter gets married you hire a wedding planner. Although this planner is putting together the most beautiful wedding the year for you, she... Read More »

About Tactical Restoration - Licensed General Contractor - Chandler, AZ

Tactical Restoration, LLC is a licensed General Contractor specializing in Residential and Commercial Damage Restoration. We offer fire and smoke restoration, water damage restoration, tenant... Read More »

Avoid Kitchen Fires - Apache Junction

Most home fires begin in the kitchen than anywhere else in the house. Follow these simple steps to keep your home and family safe: .   Teach your children kitchen safety. Keep... Read More »

Smoke Damage Deodorization - Thermal Fogging - Gilbert, AZ

Smoke damage can leave a strong odor in your home. Thermal Fogging is a way to counteract those odors. Thermal Foggers closely approximates the size of the smoke particles, driving the particles... Read More »

The Best General Contractor for a Home Rebuild - Queen Creek AZ

Rebuilding a home is a big endeavor. It begins with demolition, which requires quite a bit of planning, obtaining permits, and site preparation before construction even begins. A lot of research... Read More »

Emergency Board Up Services | Cinderblock Wall Damage | Fallen Tree | Car Crash into wall - Phoenix AZ

Have you experienced Storm Damage? Has a car crashed into your home or the wall surrounding your home? Call Tactical Restoration today for an Emergency Board Up! They are available 24/7 to help... Read More »

What Are Reasons to Replace Drywall? - Mesa, AZ

DIY drywall repair projects can seem simple at times, but usually cause more headaches than happiness. There are many ways that drywall can get damaged, and being aware of them is important for... Read More »

The Best Restoration Contractor in the Valley - Phoenix AZ

  Check out our customer reviews from BBB.org Here are a few of the highlights: “This is the best company to have on my remodeling job! The experience was by far the exceeded... Read More »

How to Prevent a Roof Leak - Tempe AZ

One of the Most Common Reasons Restoration companies are called out for emergency services is because of roof leaks. An emergency roof tarp service is very handy when needed, but there are ways to... Read More »

Water Damage Restoration Pictures - Tempe AZ

In need of restoration for water damage in your home? Click here to contact Tactical Restoration to get an estimate!            ... Read More »

Understanding a Property Damage Estimate - Coolidge AZ

When handed a huge, 15 page packet of words like “overhead”, “depreciation” and “window treatment”, it can be pretty overwhelming. Understanding these aspects and... Read More »

How to Check if a Contractor is Licensed - Phoenix AZ

Sometimes it’s hard to know if a licensed contractor is the best way to go when tackling a project. Anyone can distribute business cards and place an ad in the yellow pages, but just because... Read More »

How Can I Prevent Fire Damage to my Home - Flagstaff AZ

Fire season in Arizona is in full swing and no one wants to have to deal with the damage that comes from a house fire. There are simple precautions that can be followed in your home to prevent these... Read More »

Cleaning Walls After Fire and Smoke Damage Before Painting - Peoria AZ

Fire and Smoke damage can be difficult to take care of. For large burns and damage, it is important that a professional take care of the problem. Small areas of smoke damage can sometimes be taken... Read More »

How to Inspect Your Roof for Damage and Water Leaks - Maricopa AZ

However tedious sounding it might be, a roof inspection is one of the most important maintenance jobs. They are easily overlooked, but frequently checking your roof can save you money. Remember,... Read More »

5 Benefits to Painting Exterior of Your Home - Goodyear AZ

Painting the walls inside your home can be a fun way to redecorate. It’s refreshing to see the walls as a blank canvas, ready for something new. But have you recently considered painting the... Read More »

Finding a Great General Contractor that is BBB Accredited, Casa Grande AZ

Finding a great general contractor can be hard. But Using the Better Business Bureau as a resource for finding one can make the process a little simpler. Businesses listed on this website have a... Read More »

How to Choose the Best Contractor - Chandler AZ

Choosing the right contractor is a difficult decision, probably one of the hardest decisions with home renovation and restoration projects. Whatever you want done to your home or commercial... Read More »

How to Spot Water Damage - Scottsdale AZ

Whether you’ve lived in a home for 30 years, or you are buying a home for the first time, it’s so important to be able to spot signs of water damage so you can take care of it as soon as... Read More »

Fire Damage- Where to Start When It Happens to You - Mesa Az

Experiencing a fire in your home or property can be frightening. It’s tough to know where to start. Try following these 7 simple steps to get you started: Wait until it is safe to enter... Read More »

Board Up- When Do I Need One? Phoenix AZ

Board Up- When do I Need One? If disaster strikes, your life and your home can be turned upside down. Feelings of distress, fear, and anticipation usually follow, but calling Tactical Restoration... Read More »

How to Stop Water Damage Tempe AZ

Stop That Water Damage     Water damage is disastrous. It could also be lessened. There are a variety of things you can do to assure the problems caused by water leaks, busted... Read More »