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How to Spot Water Damage - Scottsdale AZ

Whether you’ve lived in a home for 30 years, or you are buying a home for the first time, it’s so important to be able to spot signs of water damage so you can take care of it as soon as possible. Avoiding, mold, damaged walls and floors, and structural damage is possible if the home is checked periodically for water damage.

1. The easiest place to spot water damage is in stains and spots on the walls and ceiling. These are usually paired with cracks in the drywall. All of this should be investigated further, looking for leaky pipes or problems within the walls themselves.

2. The next place to check is your floors. Basement floors are more prone to water damage, but that doesn’t mean everywhere else is okay. One sign of water damaged floors is warping. Other signs include light or dark stains on wood, damp carpet, or even the smell of mold or dampness.

3. Pipes should be checked regularly as well. Look for corrosion around pipe connections, leaks, rust, or water stains. Look closely at the caulking or for signs or missing grout. Also, inspect the water heater; as you do so, make sure there isn’t any water at the base or any rust on the tank.

4. Check your basement and your attic. In these places, mold and mildew smells can be very pungent. Look for splitting wood, stains, rust, smells, or mold. Also check the bases of furniture and boxes for dampness.

5. The exterior of your house shouldn’t be forgotten when checking for water damage. When it rains, where does your water drain to? Is it staying stagnant around the home, or running towards the street and away from the house? Problems can be found by paying close attention to this. Look closely at the exterior walls of the home, keeping an eye out for cracks, stains, and dampness. Inspect the roof as well. Make sure to look for shingles that are missing or damaged. 

6. When water damage is found, give Tactical Restoration a call to work with you and your insurance carrier to make any repairs so your home is taken care of. Click here to contact.