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Cleaning Walls After Fire and Smoke Damage Before Painting

Fire and Smoke damage can be difficult to take care of. For large burns and damage, it is important that a professional take care of the problem. Small areas of smoke damage can sometimes be taken care of at home though. These can be caused by burning fireplaces, candle, or a small kitchen fire. Smoking cigarettes indoors can also cause nicotine stains on the walls. None of these can be painted over without bleeding back through the paint. Although there isn’t a miracle paint that can cover it all up, there are some steps that can be taken to cover the stains as best a possible


Step 1: Dry Cleaning Sponges.

These are also referred to as “Chemical Sponges” or “Soot Remover Sponges.” Don’t worry, these sponges aren’t full of chemicals. They actually are made of natural rubber that absorbs residue into their pores. They do a good job of removing soot without smearing it over the walls and making it worse.

-cover and protect area with plastic

-start at the top of the wall or area and work your way down. If ceiling is damaged, then it is best to start there

-using the dry sponge is fairly easy. It is used by making straight, parallel wipes that overlap. Do not scrub, only wipe.

-When the outer layer of the sponge gets full of soot and dirty, use a knife to cut off and reveal a clean area on the sponge.


Step 2: Wet Cleaning

The Dry Cleaning Sponges don’t always get all of the stain out. After, trying wet cleaning is the best option. Use TSP (Trisodium Phosphate Cleaner). After mixing it with water, use a regular sponge to wipe the surface clean. Rinse out the sponge periodically.

After wet cleaning, wipe down the surface with water to clean off any remaining residue. Le thte area completely dry before continuing


Step 3: Prime and Paint!

Applying pain right on top can still allow the stain to bleed through. Use a stain blocking paint such as B-I-N Primer. Make sure to have good ventilation and a respirator mask. This Primer is very pungent and can cause irritation to the nose and eyes.

Then apply two coats of paint after the primer has properly dried.


This process can be very time consuming, so considering calling Tactical Restoration to help you with the job. Tactical Restoration has dealt with much fire and smoke damage. They know how to put get you home back to the condition it was in before your fire. They are committed to great Customer Service. Click here to Contact them today.