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Board Up- When Do I Need One?

Board Up- When do I Need One?

If disaster strikes, your life and your home can be turned upside down. If homes aren’t appropriately boarded up after accidents, fires, storms or break ins, further damage can be caused by exposure to the elements. 

Feelings of distress, fear, and anticipation usually follow, but calling Tactical Restoration to respond to your emergency can help alleviate the stress. When is it a good reason to call for a board up? 

There are numberless reasons to call for a board up. These include, but are not limited to:

-Broken Windows

-Walls and Fences knocked down

-Holes and Damage caused to exterior walls of home or commercial property

-Broken Garages

-Doors unable to close or lock properly


These can be cause by:



-Other Natural Disasters

-Break ins

-Fallen Trees

-Car impacts

When done right, a board up should protect the home from further damage, while still maintaining access to your home and property.

Whatever the case, this damage should be taken care of immediately. Tactical Restoration is committed to responding to emergencies 24/7 so that you and your family can feel confident, safe, and on track to having your home and your life back in order. Tactical Restoration also Specializes in Repairing the Damages caused by such emergencies. Click Here to contact Tactical Restoration or to request an Estimate!