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DIY Stucco Repair or General Contractor? - Glendale, AZ

Repairing stucco can be a difficult task if the project is too big or if your experience is limited. Choosing between hiring a general contractor and doing it yourself may be difficult to decide. Read the following to help you make your decision:


Benefits of Hiring a General Contractor:

A hole or a crack in your stucco could be a sign of more serious internal damage to your wall.

If your stucco isn’t mixed right, it could continue to crumble.

Some patchwork looks like just that-- a patch--and can often stand out from the original stucco work on your wall. Sometimes, a general contractor may peel off the original stucco in a larger area to make blending in the patch less noticeable.

Having a professional inspect your home and its foundation will help you understand if the damage was caused by extreme weather, settling foundation, or other forms of disasters.

Understanding how Stucco is repaired when you DIY:

Materials needed: Gloves, Eye protection, Chisel, Hammer, Wire brush, Nails, stucco patch mix, bucket, rubber float, paintbrush, and paint.

Clean off the surface you wish to repair. Using a chisel and hammer, remove loose and crumbling pieces. The wire brush will help get rid of the remaining, leaving the surface clean for repair.

If the wire mesh has been damaged underneath, cut and replace using galvanized nails.

Stucco dries quickly. Because of this, only mix small amounts at a time. It usually dries within 20 minutes.

Using the rubber float, press the compound into the hole or crack. Continue adding layer by layer until it is the same as the surrounding surface.

Matching the texture can be difficult, but try experimenting with sponges or brushes for the desired effect.

Allow this repair to sit for 24 hours before repainting to match the rest of your wall!

Knowing how both processes work, doing it yourself or hiring a general contractor, can help you decide what you would like to do.

If you are leaning away from DIY, give Tactical Restoration a call. With the needed skill and efficiency, the Tactical team can get your stucco repaired in no time!