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Wood Fence VS Chain Link Fence - Mesa, AZ

When building or renovating your home, the last thing on your mind is the fence. But, if you’re considering upgrading your landscaping, it may be time to upgrade your fencing as well. There are many options to choose from, all of which have pros and cons.


Wood Fencing:

     -$25-$100 per panel. Plus costs of stakes, posts, brackets, gates, etc. Price will vary depending on type of wood, stain, professional or DIY, etc.

     -Aesthetically pleasing. Different designs to choose from: Cedar, Redwood, Pine, Picket, privacy fencing, ranch fencing, and many more.

     -More difficult of an installation process, which contributes to the higher price. One bright side is that there is no concrete necessary for installation.

     -Requires consistent monitoring so it can maintain it’s color and shape. Fades out with weather and sun damage. Wooden fences must be repainted or stained every few years.

     -Although Wood fences require more maintenance than Chain link fences, they can last as long as 15 years. There are always worries about termites, rotting, and mold, but with proper care, these can be averted and avoided. Theses fences need to always be kept clean.


Chain Link Fence:

     -$5-$40 per linear foot. Plus costs of stakes, posts, brackets, gates, etc.

     -Limited amount of colors.

     -Easy installation. The fence comes in sections that are already made and that interlock. The only downside is that the posts need to be cemented into the ground.


     -Chain link fences last longer, most are galvanized--helping to expand its lifespan. There are no worries about termites, rotting, or mold.


Whatever kind of fence you may be getting, they are a good idea for security, privacy, and safety. It’s always important to weigh the costs, maintenance, and installation processes.

Whatever kind of changes you may be making in or out of your home, give Tactical Restoration a call.