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5 Common Causes of Electrical Fires - Tempe AZ

5 common causes of electrical fires:

  1. Faulty electrical outlets and old appliances. Worn and frayed cords are a hazard, especially when near flammable materials or ran under rugs or furniture. Never remove the third prong form a three-pronged electrical cord is very unsafe. All of these can cause electrical fires.

  2. Lighting. Fixtures, lamps, and bulbs are common for electrical fires. Never use a bulb with a wattage higher than suggested for light fixtures and lamps. Also, never place cloth, fire, hats, paper, etc. over lamp shades. These can catch fire from the heat of the lamp.

  3. Extension cords are only to be used for a temporary amount of time. Appliances, especially, should be plugged directly into outlets and not extension cords.

  4. Small, space heaters. These heaters are often placed near furniture, curtains, clothes, or other flammable materials. This can cause fires. They should be in their own space, with nothing draping over them or near enough to catch on fire from them. Coil space heaters are the most dangerous, and when hot enough, they can flammable things on fire at contact.

  5. Homes over 20 years old may have outdated wiring. This can cause electrical fires. This outdated wiring may not be able to handle the large amount of appliances like are used today.

Whatever the cause may be, electrical fires can be devastating. If your home has been damaged by fire, give Tactical Restoration a call today! They are a licensed General Contractor that specializes in home fire and water restoration.